West Bloomfield Rotary Club is the sponsor of the West Bloomfield Interact Club.
What in the world is an Interact Club and who are the members of this group?  What do the members of the group do?
Interact Clubs are a wonderful part of the Rotary world in the US, Canada and internationally.  Students from the ages of 12 to 18 are eligible to join an Interact Club either in their own school, a neighboring school or in their community where they live or work.  Our Interact Club was formed in 2008.  Students who join Interact Clubs stay in their club until they graduate from high school.  (Rotaract Clubs are formed at Universities or in communities for post-high school people). 
Our current Club has about 10 members, and is under the leadership of Rishabh Parekh and Ari Feldhandler.  The group meets every other Sunday at the West Bloomfield Library, and they plan their activities for the coming weeks.  Interact Clubs pick humanitarian projects to do just as their sponsoring Rotary clubs do.  Our group went to the Soup Kitchen in Pontiac on Dec 29th and worked to prepare lunch for people who would not have had a meal otherwise.  Our group has done numerous projects this year.
Come to our Club meeting on Jan 29th, and you will have an opportunity to a meet some of the members and hear what they have done already and what plans they have going forward.
Look at the West Bloomfield Rotary Group Facebook page and see the article that appeared about our Interact Club in Local Stew in November.  Ari wrote the article and it really gave a great recap of their activities and explained why the kids love being in Interact.