President Steve opened the meeting and informed us that Kelly has agreed to help with the computer needs for our club.   She will be doing the Web Site updating and posting our weekly new letter to keep us all informed.

Marian let us know the whereabouts of our District Govener Judy Garver.  She was at the Dexter club this morning and she will be at Novi for their lunch meeting.   She will be at Livingston Sunrise club Friday morning  She will have completed 20 of her official visits on Friday,

Update on Grub Crawl - we have received a lot of good sponsors this year with Orchard Mall leading the sponsorship with a $1000. The money we received from the sponsors should be able to cover our costs and the remainder + proceeds will be used to fund our club's projects.  We will be printing the T-shirts next week.

Simplified Grant - we found out from Judy that the Strive program is not eligible for the grant.  We will still apply for the grant for the Shelter box project.  The matching grant this year is 50 cents for every dollar that we can raise.  We are hoping that  we will raise enough money to take care of Strive, Polio and the Shelter box.

Mongol Rally Update - Steve read to us Scott's "Rally Journey" posted from his website.  The last thing we got from the Aug. 5th update is his car cannot get into Ukrainian!  If you want to know why it is a problem, please use the following link to check out Scott's Rally journal.

You can also get to Scott's web site from our WB Rotary website (link on the left hand side of our web site).

The Rotary International Convention will be held in Montreal Canada June 20-23.   We will need to have 200 people to get a train to take us there from Windsor.
Joan Bussell is planning a Holiday Party to be held