On Saturday, June 10th, the West Bloomfield Rotary Club made an incredible impact on their community by completing a project at the West Bloomfield High School Laker Nature Preserve. Our amazing member, Sally Wenczel, led the charge for this project, but we were also honored to have Valarie Wafer, the Past Rotary International Vice President, and her husband Mark Wafer join us in our efforts. With enthusiasm, creativity, and teamwork, we completed our mission, checking everything off the list and exemplifying one of the 7 areas of focus for Rotary: ENVIRONMENT!
The first item on our list was to plant two tulip poplars and two bur oaks. With care and precision, we dug holes, added nutrients, and spread the roots before covering them with soil and mulch. These trees will not only add beauty but will also provide shade, habitat, and oxygen for years to come.
The second item on our list was to extend the woodchipped trail along the water. This task was not an easy one, but with our team's determination and hard work, we were able to get it done. The trail now provides a serene walk along the water for all to enjoy.
Next, we dropped multiple wildflower seed bombs throughout the preserve. This will provide a beautiful meadow of colors, attracting butterflies, bees, and other insects to the area and restoring the natural beauty of the prairie.
We also installed steps at a steep drop-off in the trail. This added safety to the trail for anyone who wants to enjoy the beautiful nature preserve, and it also adds accessibility for people of all abilities. These steps allow people in wheelchairs, for example, the ability to experience this beautiful site.
The West Bloomfield Rotary Club's incredible impact on the community last Saturday shows the strength and passion of an amazing group of people determined to make a difference in their community. It also shows how much can be accomplished when we come together to make a change. We were able to achieve our goals, which will last for years if not decades, and we did so in a way that aligns with one of Rotary's key values: the environment. We hope to continue our work and inspire others to do the same, no matter how small or big the project is - because when we come together, great things can happen!