Join us and help save a child ...

Zambia, Africa is one of the poorest nations in the world.  Children are starving, clothed in tattered garments and have no shoes, often left to fend for themselves.  A shortage of clean water and proper sanitation also leads to a high death rate.

To help alleviate the suffering, OMNI (Orphan Medical Network International) began providing medical and humanitarian care in 2000.  Rotarian Dr. Henry Maicki has been part of the team of doctors, nurses and support personnel traveling annually to provide medical care since 2001. Team members pay their own transportation and lodging.   

In 2007, OMNI established an elementary school in  the George Community of Ndola. The children receive a nutritious daily meal, health care, shoes, clothing, and mosquito netting in addition to a basic education. Humanitarian care is provided as well. 

Safari Dinner Ticket Price: $100

This event is now closed.

If you cannot attend, please consider giving to this cause:
    $360 will feed, clothe and educate a child for one year.
    $500 will provide training and food for a family.
    Any amount is appreciated!
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