November 14, 2021

Dear Rotary Friends,

I am so grateful for all of you.  Many have you have sent cards, notes, money and gifts which have touched my heart and eased the burden I have been carrying.  As you know, I was diagnosed With Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. But you know me ……..I refuse to accept the prognosis.  Instead, I pray, ask for prayer, believe God, go to recommended treatments —Chemo and Respiratory Therapy—prepare and eat the recommended foods on Gerson’s Cancer Diet and carry on.  Most of the time I look and feel far better than I should, although I do nap daily.  I do go to hospitals and doctor offices daily, as well as make numerous calls, which are all related to the cancer diagnosis. I retired early and quit or took leave from all my volunteer work including Rotary. Tomorrow, I will be undergoing major surgery, another step on the journey. It will be a long recovery and then more chemo. I do hope to join you at the Christmas party if all goes well.  I really miss everyone and I miss being a part of the great work we do.  It encourages me to hear all the great things you are doing to improve the world. I can’t wait to work side by side with all of you once again. 

Your Fellow Rotarian,

Paula Konfara